United States History             Quiz Lesson 1 & 2                          Name: _______________________________
Teacher: Mr. Cap           Am Before the Modern Age  / Age of Exploration Begins    

1.  Why did God, in His wisdom,  allow America to remain unknown until 1500s?  ________________________


2.  Who said, "Just then ( at the time in history) North America was  discovered, as if it had been kept in reserve

by the Deity and had just risen from beneath the waters of the Deluge." ________________________________

3.  What two things were not found in North America that gives evidence that there really was a Tower of Babel?


4.  Define Bering Strait: ___________________________________


5.   What's wrong with the image on the left if drawn to represent the

pre- European native Americans hunting tactics? _____________

6What three vegetables became the Native American's staple

diet? ____________________________________

What materials were used to build Wigwams? 14. __________________________________

15.  Tepees? _____________________________ 16.  Pueblo? ___________________________________

___________17.  Bartholomew Dias a.  started a school for sea captains
___________18.  Prince Henry b.  first to reach the Cape of Good Hope in 1488
___________19. Vasco da Gama c.  first to sail around Africa to India
___________ 20 Columbus d.  first to sail around the world
  e.  sailed for Spain in 1492