#45            War in the West

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1.  Battle of Chancellorsville     Gen Lee defeated Gen Hooker 

2.  but it was the South's costliest victory: lost Gen "Stonewall" Jackson Lee's "right hand man"
Gen Lee says that "Jackson might have lost his left but I have lost my right?

3. North starts the "draft", and has great advantage in manpower, factories, and RR.

4. Gen Lee goes North

5. Battle of Gettysburg North wins and it becomes the turning point of the war.


Hallowed Ground

1. thousands died in major battles, a good death was important, many "bit the dust"

2. Arlington, Gen Lee's house, was used as a national cemetery

3.  embalming a method to preserve the body for proper burial

The Good Doctors
1.  infection was a major cause of death "gangrene"
2. Union prisoners were sent to Andersonville
3. lack of food, clean water, disease killed many


Hard War

1. Atlanta was a major Confederate stronghold

2. Gen Sherman burns Atlanta and the war is nearly over

3. "scorched earth policy" tries to end the war quicker



1. 1863 Lincoln dedicates cemetery @ Gettysburg

2. Lincoln's speech most famous in American history



Ulysses S. Grant 

" Unconditional Surrender" Grant takes control of Mississippi by winning

Battle of Shiloh
; costly victory each side lost over 10,000 men.

and Battle of Vicksburg;  Grant surrounded the city and starved it into submission.

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Another Map















David G Farragut led his Union fleet up the Mississippi River and captured New Orleans.

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OK PASS Objectives

Content Standard 1: The student will analyze causes, key events, and effects of the Civil War/Reconstruction era.

3. Identify political and military leaders of the war (e.g., Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee,

4. Interpret the importance of critical developments in the war, including major battles

(e.g., Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Antietam, battle of the Monitor and Merrimack, and the North’s “total war strategy”


Other Battles in the West:

Battle of Stones River / Chickamauga /  were Confederate victories

Battle of Chattanooga / Missionary Ridge were Union victories


  A. E. Burnside 
(North's most incompetent General)   

A.E. Burnside replaced McClellan          Watch Burnside 3 min video




Watch Civil War Total War, The End, The Legacy 13 min video

Total War:  Coordinated efforts in all fronts, Its purpose was to eliminate foodstuffs and supplies vital to the South's military operations, as well as to strike a blow at Southern civilian morale.

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Medical Equipment 


What did we learn today?

What was the course of the War in the west?

How did Total War change the southern will to fight?



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