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Teacher: Mr. Cap             The West- Kent Burns
Part 1

1.  What was the main attraction or reason of thousands of people traveling to California (what was in California)?

2.   The ________________ _____revolutionized the United States.

3.  It had taken __________________ for the United States to encompass the vast spaces of the west.

4.  The first gold had been found on the land of the Swiss born adventurer named ________________, helping the start of the gold rush.

5.  By the middle of June, _______________ of the men living in San Francisco had left town to dig for gold.

6. Some men hired _____________________to dig the gold for them.

7.  By the beginning of 1849, over _______________ American gold seekers had decided to head for California.

8.  _________________ was utterly convinced that he would find gold riches in California.

9.  Who was against William Swain’s going west? ______________________________________

10.  The member’s of Swain’s company printed wolverine rangers on their wagons with _____________.

11.  What did many men call themselves in honor of hoping to find gold?_____________________

12.  For thirty days, the 49ers crossed rolling prairie in what is now known as __________________ and ___.

13.  On June 13, William Swain and his companions passed Ft. Carney on the Plat River. They

soon reached what is now known as ____________________________________.

14.  Swain and the other 49ers in his company endured _________ miles of treeless sagebrush.

15.  On September 21, Swain and the wolverine rangers joined the stream of ____________ gold

seekers and started down Lasin’s cutoff. Was this a mistake? _______________________

16.  Did Swain ever make it to California? _______________________-

17.  The Lakota named ________________ marked the passage of each year by painting the single event his people remembered most vividly.

18.  The year America took the Southwest and California from Mexico, Lone dog had noted the

death of a warrior named _____________________________________.

19.  The year as Swain reached California, Lone Dog’s record showed that the Crows had stolen

a great number of _________ from the Lakotas, leaving only hoof prints in the snow.

20.  Most of the gold searching men were _____________ and not old.

21.  _________________ of the 49ers came from America, and ______________________ of them

were from New England, but some were also ___________________________.

22.  One of the first gold seekers was a man named _______________________________, he

struck it rich near _____________________, causing at least 20,000 ____________________ people to come and search for gold.

23.  Everything in the diggings (food) was very ____________________.

24.  California from its earliest times was seen in homes and cities in traditional places in America as a  _____________________________.

25.  What did all of the gold digging men play to get their minds away from the fact that they

might fail and not find any gold? _________________________________________________

26.  ______________ were rarely seen in any of the gold digging areas.