#61     Wilson and "New Freedom" 

Last Update: January 30, 2018

OK PASS Objectives

Election of 1912 map President Woodrow Wilson
                                                                                                                                  Campaign slogan: New Freedom

President Woodrow Wilson  never lost his deep respect for the Bible and value of education. 

Only President to obtain a  PhD

Watch President Wilson 12 min video only watch up to wwi time 3:34 :

Content Standard 2

2. Evaluate the impact of industrialization on American society


President Wilson became the first President since John Adams to make a personal appearance before Congress (State of the Union Address)



Federal Reserve System
1.  Divided the nation into 12 districts with a Federal Bank.  2.  Federal Reserve notes were issued.  3.  Federal Banks were banker's banks. 4. Discount rate (the rate of interest it charges member banks that borrow money from the Federal Bank


Missionary Diplomacy is Wilson's foreign policy

was Woodrow Wilson's idea of the United States' moral responsibility (Spread the Gospel of Peace) to deny recognition to any Latin American government that was viewed as hostile to American interests. This was the first time America had failed to recognize any government.

Underwood-Simmons Bill  one of the most significant  tariff acts in American history. It lowered the import tax from 40% to 25% and

it levied the Income Tax with the 16th Amendment.

   How does a Graduated income tax work? more $ you make the more taxes you pay

Content Standard 2

2. Evaluate the impact of industrialization on American society

E. Examine the causes of the money panics of 1873, 1893, and 1907, explaining how the establishment of the Federal Reserve System 1 addressed the problems.

D. Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policy and other presidential foreign policies from 1890-1910, including
“Big Stick Diplomacy,”
“Dollar Diplomacy,” “Missionary Diplomacy,”

Write a one page hand written essay discussing the Underwood Tariff and it's significance in American history.  How did the 16th Amendment work with the tariff?   Use Wikipedia as your reference.  

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