#74Worst of Times, Best of Times ch 21

Last Update: November 14, 2015

OK PASS Objectives

Life in the 1930s

Many Americans could not see the hope that tomorrow brings.

Content Standard 4:
The student will describe the social; cultural; economic; and technological ideas and events in the United States in the era between the World Wars.
3. Analyze the Great Depression, the Dust Bowland the New Deal economic policies.
People were hungry, some starvation did occur.  "hobos" traveled from town to town in search of a better life.
Soup Kitchens and "bread lines" helped

Humiliation and Homelessness


is a term denoting a resident or native of Oklahoma, a migrant who left Oklahoma to work in California.

In the 1930s on the West Coast, especially California, the term (often used in contempt) came to refer to a migrant who left the South, Midwest, and sometimes, Southeast United States to settle in large numbers to restart their lives in the region's thriving agriculture


was a name given to African Americans who fled the Southern United States for Kansas in 1879 and 1880. After the end of Reconstruction, racial oppression and rumors of the reinstitution of slavery led many freedmen to seek a new place to live.

3. Analyze the Great Depression , the Dust Bowl and the New Deal economic policies.
A. Evaluate the impact of the Great Depression , the Dust Bowl (e.g., migration of the Okies and exodusters), and the New Deal economic policies on business and agriculture , as well as on the American people, their culture and political behavior .

Dust Bowl

4 years of drought

Black Blizzard 12 min video


The Good Times

about 80 million Americans did not experience the depths of the depression.  They had food on the table, clothes on their back, roof over their heads, and entertainment.


Content Standard 5:

1. Examine changes in American society and government policy as the nation prepared for and entered World War II.

Movies, radio, Walt Disney featured films of fantasy and drama

Will Rogers - humorist

Wiley Post  - world famous aviator from Oklahoma


Content Standard 4:

C. Identify the contributions of key individuals of the period between the wars (e.g., Will Rogers

 Empire State

World's tallest tower, home to King Kong     mp4

Amelia Earhart first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic

Golden Gate Bridge

largest suspension bridge in America



,Content Standard 5:

1. Examine changes in American society and government policy as the nation prepared for and entered World War II.

Events of the 1930s    

Hindenburg- zeppelin  (airships)  exploded as it docked killing 36 of 97 passengers.

Hindenburg 2 min video

Lindbergh's kidnapping: Lindbergh Law death penalty for interstate kidnapping

Content Standard 5:

1. Examine changes in American society and government policy as the nation prepared for and entered World War II.



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