To log in to US History d2l:

   1. Go to :

   2. username :   first.last      name

   3. pw: Welcome1

   4. Once logged in click on US History class (middle right)

   5.  Click on content  (Top center)

   6.  Watch Homework Tutorial Video in table of contents

   7.  In the content column navigate to the homework you want to complete.

   8.  Open up two browser tabs and place them side by side (see below)

   9.  Complete the quiz.  Be sure to answer and save every question.

   10.  After you complete the quiz click on "Grades" in the d2l top toolbar and see your results... if you don't see your grade for the quiz it means that you didn't totally save it.  Go back and click on each save button then recheck your grade.