How to make a web homework assignment or quiz using with Google docs form and using Dreamweaver.


Web Designers scroll down to the middle

You'll have to go to Google and click on Sign in link in the top right set up a gmail account it's easy and it's free !!!

Left Pic: Once you have opened your gmail account look on the top left and you'll see the word google and a drop down arrow, scroll down to the documents tab.

Right Pic:   In the Google docs page and on the left "Create" tab click on "Form" .  This opens a new form page.

Now you're ready to   start creating your quiz. 


First box, the title:  Example:  US Hist Ch 12

Second box down you can tell your students where they can find the information.: 
Example:  Use History lessons # 37 & 38 to complete this assignment.

Third box is where you want the students to submit their names:

Question title:  Last name, first name
Question type: Text
Check the box to make this a required question
Click Done

Mouse over the next question box and click on the pencil icon on the right. Now you want your student's email address.

You can send students their scores and which ones they missed with a couple clicks of the mouse if you have their "correct" email address.

Question title:  Your email address.
Question type: Text
Check the box to make this a required question
Click Done

In the top left of the form page is a + Add item. Click on this and add a multiple choice question.  Now you want to get your student's class period.

Question title:  Your class period.
Question type: Multiple Choice
Check the box to make this a required question
Click Done

Now you are ready to add your first question.

+ Add item.

Click on this and add a multiple choice question. Did you notice that there were different types of questions that you could ask?


Pic on the right is an example of three types of questions.

Add as many questions as you would like.  I recommend just a few (5) for the first quiz.

You can click on the bottom of the form page to see how it would look in a web page.

You can click on the bottom of the form page to see how it would look in a web page.

You can also change the theme of the page by clicking on the theme tab at the top of the edit form.

You can also see the form in your google docs page. Note the time stamp is the exact time the student submits the assignment.

Next after you complete the last question and you have checked to see how it looks as a web page, you have to copy the url link and paste it in your weekly syllabus so your student can access it at home.

After you have pasted the url and updated your Victory syllabus you can take the quiz and use your answers as a key.  You will be able to see your answers in your quiz document on your google docs page.

Correcting the quiz.



After your students have completed the quiz you can have a script program correct your quiz for you using your answers.

See for more information.

Watch the flubaroo demo video to see how to install the script.  It's easy and you'll love it!!!


To take your assignment to the next adding pics, maps, and redirect page...

These next instructions are for web designers only....


To add pictures or maps you will need to copy the source code and paste in a new dreamweaver web page. Here's the step by step process.

1. Copy the url of the web site for your assignment and paste it into an Internet Explorer browser.













3. Now you have to open a new Dreamweaver page. See below.

2. In the Explorer browser go to view and select Source in the drop down menu. Highlight and Copy all of the html .

4. Highlight and paste source code.

5. Click over to the Design view and Title the page and save it in your root folder.




6. Now lets add a map. In your Files tab drop down to the local view click and drag a pic the same way you would any other web page. I always drag it to the far left of the page then align it to the right to get the table to wrap words properly in different browsers. Add as many pics as you would like.



Looks like this when you have aligned "right" see below.

7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and delete

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but leave the submit button.

8. Since I don't want my students to be able to go back to the assignment or Google Docs once they've clicked on submit I have to set up a redirect page looks like this. Response Page  

9. Now you have to go to and past in the URL of your assignment and the redirect page URL to have the submit button go to your redirect page instead of redirecting back to Google docs. Notice the pic on the right.

Once you click on submit in sneakysheep you copy that html and replace that code with all of your assignment code

1. Copy html from sneakysheep

2. In the Code view of your assignment page in Dreamweaver highlight all of that code and replace it with the sneakysheep code.

Now all of your assignments will be redirected to your response page and not back to Google Docs. Yes all the answers will still go back to your Google Docs page and you can still correct with Flubaroo. The response page keeps you in control of where your students are redirected to after they take the quiz

10. Last step.

I don't want my students to click on the back button of the response page and get back to their answers in the assignments. When ever you go back to the assignment page Google Docs retains your answers. Students could cheat by clicking on the back arrow and changing the name and email address click submit and their answers become someone else's.

So I have to disable the back button of the response page and it's moderately simple.

1. In the code view of your assignment find the first html head tag.

2. Replace that head tag with all of this script. Notice left justified below.

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
function noBack() { window.history.forward(); }
<BODY onload="noBack();"
onpageshow="if (event.persisted) noBack();" onunload="">

Save it. Now the back button on the response page should be disabled. Students now have to open another browser to get to the assignment page and their answers are gone.

There might be some more tweaking you'll have to do to make this assignment work for you. I know it seems like a lot of work for just one assignment, but once it's done you can use it each year. The really great thing is that Flubaroo grades the assignment and you can quickly manually type the grades to Power School with out any paperwork.



The script to replace the first "HEAD" tag at the top of the code. Web site I found info: