Mr. Cap's B Day Lesson Plans  for _____Friday November 1st________

1. Login to desktop computer: "Other User then Username: lab1user   (there's no password)

Use the LCD projector remote to turn it on... On the desktop click on the Google Chrome icon in the toolbar. Once Chrome opens click on the Friday Nov 1st Bday tab in the Favorites bar.  Then and slide the video player or webpage over to the right on to the projector display.

Remote looks like this

B1 Bible 11

  All bible students should be with me, however those that show up for class will complete  the lesson for those not going to TDC.

Click on the link above and have students use their ipads and go to the lesson and complete in class... turn in at end of hour.


B2  Plan


   B3 US History

   1.  Open Google Chrome and click on favorites bar
                                                             for A Day/ B Day Lessons


                            US HistoryLesson _34____ and then Lesson __35___

    Students will take notes while they watch video. You might need to pause the
    video from time to time to allow the students the chance to catch up note taking.

After the notes have students work on Pop Qz L 34-35 in Schoology


B4 US History 
(see B3 above)










Notes for the sub:  Login to computer:  Username: lab1user   (there's no password)   Mr. Cap's cell # 918-381-8521
1.  Pray before you start class. 
2.  Take attendance on my student roster sheets which is in the sub folder.
3.  Write down the names of any students that give you a hard time.
4. Have Academic Hour pick up any papers or trash on the floor before you dismiss them. 
5. Be sure to turn of the Projector. Desk arrange in 4 rows of 5 desks    Lock door behind you.

To the left is
a picture of
the LCD projector hanging from the ceiling.

You have to stand under the projector then One click on
the red button
turns it on,
Two clicks
turns it off.