Mr. Cap's Lesson Plans and Classroom Instructions Rm 330a
Specific Lesson Plans for Friday November 6th,  Week 4 of the 1st Qt.

1st Hour:

US History:


3rd - 6th Hour: 

US History:


Turn on left monitor, and type in password.  Go to VCS High School web site and click on Mr. Cap / US History 2nd qt / Wk # 4.  Look at the weekly lesson plan for Friday's lessons.  Click on War with Mexico lesson.   Turn on the projector with the remote in the top left hand desk drawer.  Drag the Window's browser over to the projector screen. 

Have students take notes on the lesson.  In the middle of the lesson you'll see the   Watch Mexican War Treaty 9 min video. You'll find the video in the Easytel folder / US History 2nd Qt and double clickYou might need to drag that video player over to the screen.  Volume control is the control box right of the right monitor.

After the Mexican War video, have students finish taking notes from the lesson.  After students take notes watch the Oregon Trail video.  You'll find the video in the Easytel folder / US History 2nd Qt and double click on the oregontrail video.    After you watch Oregon Trail video, if there's still time, double click on the wrathofgoddonnerparty11min video in the Easytel folder and watch that till the end of class. 

Remind students to Read Ch 13 over the weekend and work on Ch 13 terms and prepare for the Mid-term Exam that will be given on Tuesday.


2nd Hour:

Bible 11:

We will have Bible class.  Go to the Easytel folder and click on the Bible folder and double click on the Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed video and fast forward to the 1:14 mark and watch the video till the end (1:36 or 22 minutes)

After the Expelled video have some of your former students give a testimony about how God has been moving in their life since you had them in class.


1.  You will find my class rosters and lesson plan in the substitute folder that's on my desk.   Turn on the LCD projector.  Click here for a quick LCD Remote tutorial. 
2. Start each class with prayer.
3. Take attendance for each class on the class rosters.
4.  Do not collect, or receive any other papers, late homework, progress reports.  Tell students Mr. Cap will take it when he returns.
5. Do not let them out of the class without a hall pass.
6. Use the last two minutes of 6th hour to clean up the room.
7. Mr. Cap can be reached @ 381-8521
How do I find Mr. Cap's web page?  Go to the VCS High School web site and click on Mr. Cap

  Be sure to turn off the projector and computer before you go home.