Mr. Cap's Videos for the Classroom

Digital Media Class

Bball broadcast

2013 Graduation video
2013 Grad pp template
2013 Grad Walk pp video

2014 Graduation video
2014 Grad pp template
2014 Grad Walk pp video
2014 Senior 10 min video
2014 Senior Chapel 75 min
2014 K5 grad pp video
2014 Welcome Back video

2015 Pre-Graduation video
2015 Grad pp template
2015 Grad Walk pp video
2015 Senior 10 min video
2015 Senior Chapel 54 min
2015 K5 Grad powerpoint
2015 K5 grad pp video
2015 Welcome Back video

Digital Media Announcements

FTP Media Class Tutorial 1min

FTP Yearbook Class Tutorial 3min

Film Making Technics
Camera Angles

ftball greenscreen test

One Heart Videography Project Instructions

Side by Side 55min video
Digital vs Film

Power Director Tutorial Videos

Carr Creation Days 7min

Judgement 30sec

Karen Test 6 min

Script for VCS 6min

D2L Tutorials

d2l quiz questions update student scores 4min


Digital Media Class

1st Qt Premier Pro Bball Tutorial 18min video 
Learn how to : log in to media class folder 2:25; resize a video 4:30, cut, copy, and splice a video 6:20; slow motion 8:30; and cross zoom effect 10:18; add a title 12:26; saving format 16:05.

Voice Over Tutorial 7min

2nd Qt Premier Pro Love Project 28min tutorial video
Learn how to:  Create title phrases; flash title phrases and words using various transitions

3rd Qt Basketball Player Human Interest Story tutorial video  Learn how to: Story board a project, develop the human interest story, interview technics, tell the story with words and video in synch.

4th Qt End of the Year / Graduation projects.

Premier Pro Improving Audio 9min

Premiere Pro Audio Compression Tutorial video  3min

Panasonic AG-HMC150 3CCD AVCHD Pro Camcorder Intro Tutorial 33min video Great vid
8min video
9min video

Adobe Audition Tutorials

Audition Removing Noise 3min

Audition Removing a Specific Noise 3min

Schoology making quizzes tutorial 22min video






A D The Bible Emperor Caligula 40min

AD Saul Targets Peter 41min

A D The Bible Peter Gets Arrested

A D The Bible Persecution

A D The Bible Pilate Cruxifies Jesus 42 min

After Jesus First Christians CNN 81min

1 The Bible Noah through Moses 82min

2 The Bible Joshua through David 78min

3 The Bible Nebuchadnezzer to Jesus 76min

3 The Bible Birth of Jesus through His Temptation 37min

4 The Bible Jesus Arrested 85min

5 The Bible Cruxifiction Paul 85min

Fox News: Billy Graham "My Hope for America" 50min

Book of Acts 190min

Christian Music

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Hillsong Nothing Like Your Love 10min

Jesus Culture Your Love Never Fails video
Rooftops 8min

Jesus Culture
He Loves Us 8min

Jesus Culture 12min
One Thing Remains

Jesus Culture 8min
Let it Rain

Left Behind Part 1 48min

Left Behind Part 2 48min

Left Behind World War 91min

My Name is America 4 min

Son of God 133min

Tribulation Force 91min

Field Trip to Planetarium.  Lesson for those not going:  Watch Creation Training: Big Bang 27min video and write a 2 page response about the big band and how creationism counters the controversy.



Answering Racism Today 28min

I Cor 13:1-13
10min video

1517to Paris 11min


Battles BC David Giant Slayer 44min

Battles BC Joshua 42min

Be Brave 3 min

Bible Code Predicting Armageddon 43min

Bible Secrets The Life of Jesus 40 min

Bible Secrets The Promise Land 40min

Bible Weather 35min

Bill Jack Worldview 25min

Case for Christ Lee Strobel 71min

Courageous 121min

Cultivate Lessons

Cults 85min

Darwin The Voyage That Shook The World 53min

Do You Believe 119min

God's Not Dead 98min

Healed By Grace "Parables" 96min

Heaven is For Real 88min

Hoosiers 110min

Jesus His Life Joseph 34min

Jesus His Life John the Baptist 39min

Jesus His Life Mary 40min

Jesus His Life Caiaphas 40min

Jesus His Life Pilate 40min

Jesus His Life Mary Magdalene and Crucifixion 40 min

Jesus His Life Judas 40min

Jesus His Life Peter 39 min

Jesus vs Religion 4min

Junior Bible Video 2013 53min

Killing Jesus 130min

Nostradamus Satan and the End Times 43min

Revelation the End of Days 87min

Seven Habits of Highly Suppressive People 44min with worksheet

Son of God 2014

War Room 112min

Woodlawn 120min


Equality Is A Team Sport
Pt 1  2  3  4



U.S. History

10 Monuments that Changed America 53min

60min The New Cold War 13min

60min Lynchings 13min

60min Sugar is Toxic 13min

60min Gitmo, Giving, Garbage Instruments 40min

60min Pres Obama 2014 23 min

60min Pres-Elect Trump 38min

60min Rosenberg Brothers 25min

70s Battle of the Sexes13min

9/11 Timeline in Terror 48min

9/11 102 Minutes That Changed America

1964  91 min

1969 Moon Landing 40min

2014 best abc 38min

Abolitionists 50min Part 1  2  3    Worksheet 1 2 3

African Americans Pt 1
The Black Atlantic 50min
Video worksheet Pt 1

African Americans Pt 2
The Age of Slavery 51min
video worksheet Pt 2

African Americans Pt 3
Into The Fire 26min

African Americans Pt 4 Making a Way Out Of No Way 52min worksheet Pt 4

African Americans Pt 5
  51min worksheet Pt 5

African Americans Pt 6
A More Perfect Union

African Americans Dday 44min

American Military Intervention 55min

America By The Numbers 38min

1 America the Story of Us
Early Settlers Rev War 86min

2 America the Story of Us
Westward Ho 86min

3 America the Story of Us
Civil War    86min

4 Am Story of Us Rise of the Cities Pt1 43 min

5 Am Story of Us Rise of the Cities Pt2 38 min

6 Am Story of Us Bust and Dust Bowl 38min

7 Am Story of Us WWII 43min

8 Am Story of Us Millennium Pt 1 42min

9 Am Story of Us Millennium Pt 2 39min

American Experience: My Lai 80min

America's Secrets
Presidential Coverups 44min

Andrew Jackson 60min

Andrew Jackson and Davie Crocket (Men Who Built America 34min)

Annie Oakley 50min CCC

Avenging the Alamo 40min

Barton Am Hist in Black and White 10min

Beatles: 1960s British Invasion CNN 40min

Berlin Wall Modern Marvels 42min

Black America Since MLK Pt 1 Out of the Shadows 54min

Black America Since MLK Pt 2 Move On Up 52min

Breakthrough: Car 52min

Breakthrough: Morse Code to iphone 52min

Black History Month:

Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Pt 2 Fighting Back 54min wksheet

Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Pt 3 Don't Shoot too Soon 54 min video wksheet

Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Pt 4 of 4 Terror and Triumph  54 min video wksheet

Civil Rights:10 Things You Don't Know About 40min

Civil Rights Mississippi Freedom Summer 42min

Civil War April 1865 25min

Civil War Blood and Glory

Civil War Blood and Glory
pt2 82min

Civil War Boy Generals 40min

Civil War Charleston 40min

Civil War Ken Burns  91min

Civil War Lee and Grant Pt 1 43min

Civil War Lee and Grant Pt 2  41min

Civil War Mass 54th 40min

Clinton and Trump Frontline 60min

CNN Blindsided: How ISIS Shook the World 40min

CNN Year in Review 2013 32min

CNN Best and Worst 2015 35min

CNN Year in Review 2016 49min


Cuban Missle Crisis 54min

Cuban Missle Crisis Secrets of the Dead 51min

Custer's Last Man 23min

Custer Legend and Lies 37min

DateLine 20th Anniversary Special 24min

Dday in 3d 42min

Day the 1960s Died / Kent State 56min

Einstein 90min

Electricity and powerplants

Elkhorn Ranch Teddy Roosevelt 7min

First Man on the Moon Nova 50min

Fortune Slave 3min

Founding Fathers: 10 Things You Don't Know About the 40min

Founding Fathers Masters of Deceit 43min

Frontline George w Bush Jesus Factor 53min.mp4

Galileo Man Moment Machine 45min

Gettysburg Battle That Changed America 42min

Glass Fiber Optics 14min video

God in America After WWII 107min

Grapes of Wrath Back in Time 26min

Ground Zero Super Tower

Henry Ford Am Experience 91min

History of Glass 52min

History of Ice and Air Conditioning 54 min

History of Recorded Sound 54min

History of Women in the Army 50min

Holocaust Engineering Evil 54min

How We Invented the World Cell Phones 40min

Inside Waco 43min

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Meet the Press 2014 6min

Italian Americans 99min

Jefferson 52min

Jesse Owens Enduring Spirit 24min video

JFK Am Experience the Live of JFK Pt 1 112min

JFK: 10 Things You Don't Know About 21min

JFK: Breaking the News 54min

JFK: Conspiracy Theories 85min

JFK pt 2 107min

JFK One pm Central Standard Time 54min

JFK Predidency Revealed Pt 1 76min

JFK Predidency Revealed Pt 2 58min

JFK Where Were You the Day JFK Died 83min

Kennedy Brothers 43 min

Kennedy Half Century 53min

Kevin Durant on Jimmy Fallon Show 5 min

King's Speech 50 Years Later 7min

The March 55min

KKK 44min

Klansville USA American Experience 51min

Klondike Gold Rush 55min

Korea the Forgotten War  87min

Korea Forgotten War 54min video yes use this as a Monday video day and make questions worksheet

Lafayette the Lost Hero 54min

Latino Americans pt1 103min

Latino Americans pt2 105min

Latino Americans pt3 104min

Lee Harvey Oswald 12 min

Legend and Lies Black Bart and Wells Fargo 39min

Legend and Lies Davy Crockett 40min Viewing Sheet

Legend and Lies Revolution Debt 36min

Leno Conspiracy 1min

Lincoln at Gettysburg 52min

Losing Iraq Frontline 51min

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook 42 min

Men Built America More 2 Post Civil War 84min

Men Built America More 2 Industrialists 82min

Men Who Built America After the Civil War 82min

Men Who Built America
Andrew Carnegie 83min

Mexican War Part I 52min

Mexican War Part II 35 min

Mexican War The West 40min  Video wk sheet

Modern Marvels 70s Tech 43min

Modern Marvels 90s Tech 44min

Modern Marvels Amazing Jobs 40min

Modern Marvels Cotton 43min

Modern Marvels 20th Century Household Gadgets 41min

Modern Marvels Hoover Dam 43min

Modern Marvels Inventions of Ben Franklin 43min

Modern Marvels Kitchen Wonders 40min

Modern Marvels Secrets of Oil 41min

Modern Marvels Transcontinental RR 43min

Modern Marvels wild bill
jesse james wyatt earp

Moore Tornado KD 2013 13min

Money Power and Wall Street Pt 2   112min

Monitor and CSS Virginia 41min

Mount Rushmore 16min

My Lai Am Experience 51min

National Parks 48min

Nazi America 46min

Nixon American Experience 83min Part 1

Nixon American Experience 83min Part 2

Nuclear Dissasters 7min

One Giant Leap Apollo 11 40min

Panama Canal Transfer 51min

Pearl Harbor the movie attack through Doolittle Raid 90min

Pearl Harbor The Real Story 78min

Pilgrims am experience 91min

Pocahontas and Sacagawea 20min

Pontiac's War fast forward to 6:20 5min

Pres Lincoln 21min

Presidential Secrets United Stuff of America 41 min

Revolution Boston 43min

Revolution Crisis 43min

Revolution Declaration

Revolution Path to War

Revolution Rebellion 43min

Rise of the 3rd Reich 85min

Roosevelts Pt 1   1858-1901
Get Action 99min

Roosevelts Pt 2  1901-1910
In the Arena 99min

Roosevelts Pt 3  1910-1919
The Fire of Life 99min

Roosevelts Pt 4 1920-1933
The Storm 99min

Roosevelts Pt 5 1933-1939
The Rising Road 99min

Roosevelts Pt 6 1939-1944
The  Common Cause 99min

Roosevelts Pt 7 1944-1962
A Strong and Active Faith 99min

Roosevelt Rough Riders Parody 3min

Rothlesburger Sacked 30sec

Sherman 82min

Sitting Bull and the Sioux 38min

Slang Secrets Animals and Sports 40min

Slang Secrets Coming to America 22min

Slang Secrets Politics 22min

Slang Secrets of South 22min

Slang Secrets Thems Fighting Words 20min

Slang Secrets Vikings 40min

Slang Secrets Westward Ho 22min

Slang Secrets Words in Society 41min

Sports Center Top 50 plays of 2013 27min

Slavery By Another Name
Pt 1 45min

Stock Market Crash American Experience 52 min

State of Sequoyah 19min

Telephone: Man Moment Machine 43min

Tesla 36 min

Tesla and Edison: 10 Things You Don't Know About 40min

Texas Fathers The West 40 min

Thanksgiving the Real Story 42min

Tulsa A to Z 57min

Twitter 41min

United States of Secrets 51min

United Stuff of America Presidential Feats 41min

Vietnam War Decisive Moments 42min

Viet Nam Dick Cavett 54min

Viet Nam War History of the Draft 52min

Vietnam War Ken Burns 81min Pt 1 Deja Vu 1858-1961 Ending French Occupation

Vietnam War Ken Burns 81min Pt 2 Riding the Tiger 1961-1963

Vietnam War Ken Burns 101min Pt 3 The River Styx Jan 1964-Dec 1965

Vietnam War Ken Burns 111min Pt 4 Resolve Jan 1966-June 1967

Vietnam War Ken Burns 83min Pt 5 This is War This is What We Do

Vietnam War Ken Burns 83min Pt 6 Things Fall Apart Jan-July 1968

Vietnam War Ken Burns 102min Pt 7 The Veneer of Civilization June 1968-May 1969

Vietnam War Ken Burns 108min Pt 8 The History of the World April 1969-

Vietnam War Ken Burns 107min Pt 9 A Disrespectful Loyalty May 1970-March 1973

Vietnam War Ken Burns 104min Pt 10 The Weight of Memory March 1973-Onward

Viet Nam Last Days 111min

Washington the Warrior

War of the Worlds Orsen Wells 51min

West Ken Burns Pt 1 The People 80min 1500-1806

West Ken Burns Pt 3 The Future 1848-1856 83min

West Ken Burns Pt 4 Death Runs Riot 1856-1868 83min

West Ken Burns Pt5 Grandest Enterprise Under God 1868-1874

Who Really Discovered America 7min

Will Rogers American Politics 54min

Wounded Knee Final Clash 41min

WW II From Space 84min

World War II in HD 1945 40min


World History

American Government

Vidoes About Mr. Cap

101 Weapons That Changed the World 80min

300 Spartans 21min

300 Spartans 5min

Africa Continent 16min

Ancients Behaving Badly
Alexander the Great  43min

America First 100 Years 28min

Ancients Behaving Badly
Attila 44min

Battle of Salamis Bay Ancient Greece 22min

Ancients Behaving Badly
Cleopatra 44min

Ancients Behaving Badly
Hannibal 44min

Ancients Behaving Badly
Nero 44min

Athens Pericles 25min

Humanity From Space 113min

Aztecs Engineering An Empire 44min

Barbarians and Goths 36min

Barbarians I Huns 40min

Barbarians II Saxons 42min

Castles and Dungeons 19min

Ceasar Conquers Gauls 19min

China Engineering An Empire 44min

Civilization the West Dominates the World 93min

Cold War Road Show Khrushchev 51min

Dark Ages 68min

DaVinci's World Engineering an Empire 41min

Elizabeth and the Spanish Armada 16min

Egypt Engineering an Empire

Galileo's Telescope 19min

Great Wall of China History's Turning Point 21min

Greatest Disasters The Most 22min

Greece Engineering an Empire 44min

Greek Fire 30min

Inquisition 16min

Jerusalem Center of the World 93min

Mankind The Story Of Us Aztecs 87min

Mankind The Story Of Us New England to Ben Franklin 44min

Mankind the Story Of All Of Us Civil War to Present 82min

Mankind the Story Of All Of Us 1780 to 1865 40min

Maya Civilization 3min

Mayan's Fall 7min

Midieval Birth, Life, and Death 56min

Minoans and Crete 16min

Modern Marvels Great Wall of China 44min

Napoleon and Eifel 15min

Napoleon Russian Winter 16min

60min Nelson Madela 13min

Ottoman Empire 85min

Persia Engineering an Empire 43min

Protestant Reformation 85min

Rome Engineering an Empire 90 min

Russia Engineering an Empire 44min

Seven Wonders of the World 43min

Tea 16min

Titanic 3min

Who Really Discovered America 7min

WWI Apocalypse Root Causes of WW I 43min video

WWI Apocalypse Germany fights war on 2 fronts 44min video

WWI Apocalypse Introduction of the tank 42min video

WWI Apocalypse US Enters the War 43min video

WWI Apocalypse End Draws Near for Germany 43min video

World War I Airplanes 41min video

World War I Clouds of Death 41min video

World War I Submarines 41 min video

World War I Tanks 41min video

World Wars Pt 1 87min

World Wars Pt 2 83min

World Wars Pt 3 84min


60 min Capitol Dome 13min

Constitution a More
Perfect Union

Bill of Rights

14th Amendment


60min Amazon 13min

60min Credit Reports 13min

60min David Kelly 13min

60min Robots and 911 Memorial 27min

 Frontline Managing Retirement Savings 52min

Mega Stores modern marvels 38min

Twitter 41min

Oklahoma History

Back in Time "Bass Reeves" 27min

Indian Battles Civil War 30min

OKC A to Z 56min

Okie Noodling 55min

Trail of Tears: We Shall Remain 52min

Tulsa Memories: Best of 72min

Will Rogers 40min


Vidoes About Mr. Cap

Al teaching 2012 1min

Cap's in the boat 30sec

2003 Grace Prom 30min

Ida Family 12min video

OCS vs CHA 19min

Cap Construction:

JMC Genesis Ribs 3min
JMC Backbone Questions 3min

Sanding Hardwood Floors 2min



Broadcast Football Audio:

2010 Holland Hall audio
2010 Tal Sequoyah audio
2010 Beggs audio
2010 Keys audio
2010 Rowland audio

2011 Webster audio
2011 Henryetta audio
2011 Checotah audio
2011 Beggs audio  Gabe & MC
2011 Keys audio   Media Class
2011 Okmulgee audio
2011 Star Spencer audio
2011 Seminole audio

2012 Sequoyah audio
2012 Okmulgee audio
2012 Inola audio
2012 Morris audio  Al & MC
2012 Bball Kingfisher Al & Gabe
2012 Bball Washington Al & Gabe
2012 Bball Ok Cen Al & Gabe

2013 Bball OKC Douglas Al&Gabe

2013 Webster audio
2013 Regent audio
2013 Henryetta audio
2013 Beggs audio  Al & MC
2013 Prague audio

2014 Bball Ft.Gibson Al& Phil
2014 Bball Ada Al&Mike
2014 Bball Elk City Al&Gabe

2014 Shiloh audio Mike and MC
2014 Checotah audio
2014 Hilldale audio
2014 Rogers audio
2014 Berryhill audio

2015 Bball Girls St Mary Al &MC
2015 Bball Boys St Mary Al & MC

2015 Bball Girls Woodward Al & Gabe 2015 Bball Boys Kingfisher Al & Gabe

2015 Bball Girls Anadarko Al & Gabe 2015 Bball Boys Anadarko Al & Gabe

Mr. Cap's
US History Lessons

Mr. Cap's
Bible Lessons


High School Vidoes


1   44min  1
2   26min  2
3    32min 3
4    31min 4
5    30min 5
6    28min 6
7    43min 7
8    30min 8
9    41min  9
10  30min 10
11  47min 11
12  42min 12
13  21min 13
14  32min 14
15  25min 15
16  31min 16
17  31min 17
18  22min 18
19  48min 19
20  31min 20
21  23min 21
22  25min 22
23  15min 23
24  51min 24
25  24min 25
26  21min 26
27  27min 27
28  36min 28
29  30min 29
30  26min 30
31  43min 31
32  47min 32
33  37min 33
34  31min 34
35  37min 35
36  30min 36
37  20min 37
38  29min 38
39  20min 39
40  41min 40
41  42min 41
42  27min 42
43  20min 43
44  31min 44
45  31min 45
46  18min 46
47  38min 47
48  36min 48
49  37min 49
50  34min 50
51  71min 51
52  78min


53  34min 53
54  34min 54
55  25min 55
56  32min 56
57  35min 57
58  43min 58
59  55min 59
60  20min 60
61  48min 61
62  51min 62
63  17min 63
64  42min 64
65  32min 65
66  26min 66
67  17min 67
68  45min 68
69  40min 69
70  34min 70
71  27min 71
72  37min 72
73  32min 73
74  43min 74
75  40min 75
76  38min 76
77  51min 77
78  32min 78
79  28min 79
80  39min 80
81  30min 81
82  34min 82
83  53min 83
84  44min 84
85  41min 85
86  35min 86
87  40min 87
88  31min 88
89  34min 89
90  53min 90
91  25min 91
92  31min 92
93  33min 93
94  37min 94
95  40min 95
96  40min 96
97  54min 97
98  45min 98
99  40min 99
100 39min 100
101 31min 101
102 37min 102
103 37min 103
104 46min 104
105 27min

  1st Semester

Lesson 1  22min
Lesson 2  22min
Lesson 3  37min
Lesson 4  30min
Lesson 5  11min
Lesson 6  47min
Lesson 7  28min
Lesson 8  26min
Lesson 9 22min
Lesson 10  40min
Lesson 11  35min
Lesson 12  32min
Lesson 13  35min
Lesson 14 40min  
Lesson 15  38min
Lesson 16  39min
Lesson 17  36min
Lesson 18  48min
Lesson 19 45min
Lesson 20 33min
Lesson 21 42min
Lesson 22

2nd Semester

Pilgrim's Progress  
PP Lesson 1 25min
PP Lesson 2 16min
PP Lesson 3 27min
PP Lesson 4 40min
PP Lesson 5 33min
PP Lesson 6 26min
PP Lesson 7 39min
PP Lesson 8 33min

PP Lesson 9 34min
PP Lesson 10 30min
PP Lesson 11 48min
PP Lesson 12 31min
PP Lesson 13 33min
PP Lesson 14 26min
PP Lesson 15 36min
PP Lesson 16 23min
PP Lesson 17 35min
PP Lesson 18 31min
PP Lesson 19 28min
PP Lesson 20 35min
PP Lesson 21 34min
PP Lesson 22 37min
PP Lesson 23 34min
PP Lesson 24 36min
PP Lesson 25 31min
PP Lesson 26 35min
PP Lesson 27 37min
PP Lesson 28 37min
PP Lesson 29 26min
PP Lesson 30 33min
PP Lesson 31 37min
PP Lesson 32 40min
PP Lesson 33 39min
PP Lesson 34 33min
PP Lesson 35 33min


Lesson:1 34min video

Lesson Christmas Cultivate 

Lesson:10 57min video

Lesson:11 50min video

Lesson:12 56min video

Lesson:13 50min video

Lesson:14 52min video

Lesson:15 50min video

Lesson:16 43min video

Lesson: 17



Adobe Audition renewal

Candy Cart

Windows 10 Camtasia revewal

XP Camtasia Renewal 1min

Extend Computer Monitor to TV Display 2min



Talent Camp Session 1 2017

Talent Camp Session 2 2017

1st gd football 11min

Bball Seniors 2015

Bball Jordan 2012

Bball Freeman 2012

Bball Central Buzzer Beater 2013 1min

Bball Inola 2015

Camp Victory Advance worship 2014

Chapel One Heart Vinh Le

Chapel 11/20/2014 Praise and Worship 9min

Chapel play oct 2 2014 7min player

Chapel All Worship 2015 Pt 1 2 and Skoo b dos

Fall Concert 2014 Pre-Program 20min

Homecoming Dramas: 2014 Football
9TH  10TH  11TH  12TH

International Chapel 2018

In The Land Of Uz

In The Land Of Uz Edited

Juniors to TDC 2014 13min

Juniors to TDC 2015 9min

Juniors to TDC 2016 19min

Juniors to TDC 2017

Mime 9 23 2013 10min

Naudia Play 2015 27min

National Honor Society 2018 30min

Recap 2016 1st Semester

Security Spoof 1 min

See You At The Pole 4min

Sequoyah Ftbll Highlights 2012 6min

Soccer State 2018 8min

State Track 2014 5min

Statues in the Park 38min

Statues in the Park 2018

Taylor Student of Week

Team Destiny 4min

Thespians 10 min

Thespians 1 min

Thespians II 15min

Traveling Thespians 2018

Ty Td Voice Over 1min

VCS Spring Missions 2015 Chapel