Steps to become Oklahoma State certified               Last Update: December 11, 2014

OK State Dept of Ed    web page:         Below are my steps:

1.  Official sealed transcripts are required for all colleges.  Request transcripts:  Langston University  1  (Registrars # 1- 405- 466-3224    and TCC  and UNO    TU

2.  A current teaching resume (construction resume) needs to accompany the application. Current résumé indicating date prepared and including subject-related work experience with corresponding dates and telephone numbers of references for verification of experience.

3.  If you apply for an Alternative Placement Certificate you have to obtain from the University you received a degree a recommendation letter. In my case a letter is needed from Valletta Partridge she's the Director of Teachers and Educational Certification @ Langston 1-405-466-3553   fax 466-3270

1.  Complete Oklahoma License and Certification Application and Proof of Teaching forms.

Subject test website

2.  Complete General Education Tests.

                       Take  OGET   morning only test (074)                                            $  50.00
                       Take OPTE: 6–12 (076)                                                                   $140.00
                       Take Middle Level Social Studies test (027)                                    $  70.00
                                      My license indicated that I was certified for grades 6-12. So I don't think I need to take the Middle Level test.
                       Take Oklahoma History / US History / Government test ( 017)       $ 70.00

Upon further review it was OSDE determined that I would be certified under the 1993 standards and would not need to take the OGET and OPET tests.

3.  Go to Sheriff department and request electronic fingerprints. 596-5687 - 303 West 1st Street Tulsa , Ok.  North West corner of 1st and Denver st.  $5.00 fee for each set.    Any time between 8:30 and 4:45pm

4.  Total cost of obtaining alternative certification:

Transcript requests:  

 $  4.00

School License Fee:                                       

$ 10.00

State Certificate Fee: 

$ 30.00

Sheriff's Office Finger print fee. 2 sets @ 5.00  = 

$ 10.00

Fingerprint Processing Fee:

$ 62.00



Testing Fees:




Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET)                 I do not have to take this test

$ 50.00

Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination (OPTE)     I do not have to take this test


Middle Level Social Studies test (027)                          I do not have to take this test

$ 70.00

Ok Hist / US Hist / Am Gov test ( 017)   Registration Fee: 30.00 00+ 70.00=




                                                                                                         Total as of 3/07:


Application for Certification timeline:   

August 20 2006:  Began to send out requests to all colleges for transcripts, wrote resume.

Sept 1st:          Filled out Applications, fingerprinted, and collected letters of recommendations.

Sept 12th:       Mailed Applications to OKC.

Sept 24:          Received postcard that fingerprint money was needed.  Went on line and paid fee.

Oct 2nd :        Received postcard that I needed a recommend from Langston.

Oct  12:           Received call from Shelia (405-521-2062) saying that I needed to take
                       general ed and subject tests and she was sending my file back to alternative.

Oct  16:           My file was sent back to Alternative.

Oct 23:            I called and asked about my file was told it was sent back to alternative
                       on Oct 16th and a letter from alternative would come in mail.

Nov 3:               I called and talked to Paul (405-521-2062) who said that he would look
                         at my file and get back with me on Monday.  Paul called back minutes
                         later, after looking at my file, and said that all I needed to do now was
                         to sign up and take the Subject Area tests (US Hist, Am Gov, Ok Hist),
                         pass the test and call him after I obtain the results. Paul said that I would
                         then be certified under the 1993 standards.

Nov 3:              Signed up on line to take (Social Studies) subject area test on Feb 3rd.

Dec 20:             Received via email my CEOE Admission Ticket    SEAT NUMBER: 00516

Feb  3: 2007           Take Social Studies test @ East Central High School   7:15 am .

March 3:         Received email stating that I passed the (017) test.

March 4:         Received snail mail letter confirming the passing score.

March 7:         Received an application for license/certificate from OSDE.

March 8:         Completed application and letter to Paul and mailed with $10.00 license
                         fee to OSDE.

March 27:       Called Paul (405-521-2062) 9:34am .  He said he would take a look at my
                        file and mail (to the house) a letter of what I'll have to do next.

March 29        Received Teaching Certificate/ License (2) in the mail. Called (405-521-2062)
                        and talked to Dennis and he told me the next steps (Consult with GCS                                      Administrators and map out a committee plan.) I needed to complete the
                       Residency Program.   The certificate included grades 6-12 in the grade levels
                       that I could teach history.
March 30        Made copies and took to Mary Ellen and Dr. Stewart.  They are working
                        on the steps I will need to take next to become certified.

April 27               I emailed Dr. Stewart and Dianna and asked about progress.  Dr. Stewart emailed
                            back "We called the State Superintendent's office about this. They would not
                            back off on the Committee requirement. It will be necessary to do this to keep
                            your certification. I will speak with Mary Ellen to help get this set up.

                            I forwarded to Mary Ellen and she emailed asking me for a Langston contact I gave
                            her Valletta Partridge she's the Director of Teachers and Educational Certification @
                            Langston 1-405-466-3553   fax 466-3270

May 1st              Mary Ellen emailed back saying   " I spoke with Miss Myrick at Langston. 
                            She will be assigning a higher ed rep for your residency year. 
                            She is sending me the paperwork". 

May 2nd        Mary Ellen emailed and said she is filling out the paperwork.

May 9th         Mary Ellen emailed and said:

I have been in communication with Jennifer Myrick at Langston University.  I have received a Resident Packet and filled out a form regarding committee members.  Sharon Berry has agreed to be your "Mentor Teacher" and I will be the administrative representative.  Langston will designate a person from the faculty to be the university representative.  I don't think we will need to do anything else until after school starts in August.
Mary Ellen

August 21 2007 I emailed Mary Ellen and asked about paperwork. Her response:

Things are in motion.  I'm waiting for a return call from Dr. Sharlene Johnson, Coordinator of Teacher Education/Langston-Tulsa.  We'll set up a meeting (probably next month).  You don't need to do anything right now.

October 1st ?          Had meeting with Dr.  Johnson, Mary Ellen , and Sharon Berry.  
                                 Sharon was assigned to be my mentor teacher,  After the meeting Dr. Johnson came up to
                                 my classroom and observed an 8th grade class for about 45 min.

November 1st?          Found out that Dr. Johnson was on medical leave. 
                                   People @ Langston assured me that nothing will hinder my certification.

Jan 22  2008             Emailed Mary Ellen to see if Dr. Johnson had talked to her and Dr. Wright returned her
                                   call and assured her that nothing will hinder my certification.  Dr. Wright and Mary Ellen
                                   will set up another meeting and observation toward the end of February.

Jan 31 2008             Mary Ellen sent this email:
Al and Sharon,    I just finished speaking to Dr. Kaye Wright from Langston University.  She is taking over on Al's Residency Committee since Dr. Johnson is still out on medical leave.  Since I will be gone for most of the next two weeks, Dr. Wright and I scheduled our meeting for Thursday, February 21 at 10:15 or 10:30.  Dr. Wright will plan to observe Al during second hour and then, after that, we can all meet in my office.  Hopefully this will work.  Let me know ASAP is you see a problem with this time and date.  Mary Ellen

Feb 21 2008        Dr. Wright came and observed my 7th grade history class and the
                               residency committee met and discussed my certification.  Next meeting
                               set for April 24th.

March 26 2008     Mary Ellen emailed Dr. Wright to remind about April meeting. On March 31
                               she emailed me back ( and she will observe me on April 16th

April 16th 2008    Met with Dr. Wright, Mary Ellen, and Sharon , signed paperwork and mailed off to
                               Ok Dept of Ed to receive certificate.

May 9th 2008        Received certificate in the mail 1  2  Renewable every 5 years. 
                                                                                            Good for 0809, 0910, 1011, 1112, 1212.

Jan 3rd 2013 Renewed my Ok certificate good till 6/30/2018

May 25th 2009         Went online and found out how to add a new certificate area.

                                   and found a Application for Renewal of Ok Standard Certificate form
                                  and found out that I would have to fill out a Proof of Teaching Experience for Nonpublic
                                  Schools form


                                 GCS Summary of Professional Development Points  0809   1 , 2

                                 VCS Summary of Professional Development Points  0910   1