From:   Allen D. Cap  XXX-XX-XXXX                                                                                  March 8,  2007

         10612 East 99th St. Tulsa Ok  74133


Paul,  we spoke over the phone about my Oklahoma license/certificate on November 3rd below is the summary:


                          I called and talked to Paul (405-521-2062)  who said that he would look
                         at my file and get back with me on Monday.  Paul called back minutes
                         later, after looking at my file, and said that all I needed to do now was
                         to sign up and take the Subject Area tests (017:US Hist, Am Gov, Ok Hist),
                         pass the test and call him after I obtain the results. Paul said that I would
                         then be certified under the 1993 standards.


I took the test on Feb. 3rd and passed.  Enclosed is a copy of the results.   Is there anything else I need for
my Oklahoma license/certificate?

If you have any questions for me please call my cell #:  918-381-8521 or email:


Thank You,



Al Cap