Broadcasting Research
12-09 to 3-2010
Al Cap


1. VCS High School offers a Broadcasting 101 class to interested students.  Class size 12-15 with a minimum of 5.  

Course Objectives: This course covers the basics of broadcast communication. The emphasis is on learning to communicate using the tools and technology of broadcasting. Students will learn how to use microphones, mixers, audio recorders and players, and modern computer systems to produce projects. Students also learn to write using broadcast style, which aims for short, clear communication. Interviewing, announcing, and news casting are the other basic skills that are covered. Students use professional tools throughout the course, including professional audio equipment, and digital audio and video editing software. Students work in teams, and sometimes will put together presentations for the class.

Ministry Objectives:  This course would allow students to share testimonies, interview fellow students, coaches, 24/7 pastors to find out what God is doing in their lives.  Then the students would edit and prepare the interviews into sound bites that can be used either in morning announcements or on the football broadcast.

2.  101 class would use as their main weekly project to Broadcast VCS home and away football games live streaming over the internet.  This would be another good way to show parents, players, and coaches that VCS is committed to its football program.

1/2 Speech credit class: Fall semester (football season) class

                 And / Or

Offer the class second semester to new students for 1/2 Speech credit(Basketball Season 2nd Semester only) class that meets in Mr. Cap's classroom. 

3.  The 101 class would meet 7th hour in Mr. Cap's room.  In a corner of the class room there would be set up a "live recording desk" where students can learn and practice broadcasting.  Producing a "live football broadcast" would give the students broadcasting experience they can take to college or a broadcast school as they consider broadcasting as a profession.  

4.   101 students would record VCS school news, upcoming events, student testimonies to be broadcast during the live streaming (football games).

5.  101 students would solicit ads (radio spots for the football broadcasts) to help fund the 101 class.

6. The 101 Broadcasting class could work in conjunction with VCC  AV department and pod cast personnel who would help train and mentor the students in the art of internet pod casting.

7.  The 101 Broadcasting class could work in conjunction with KXOJ 100.9 (studio is in Cityplex Towers) / or ORU personnel who would help train and mentor the students in the art of radio and internet broadcasting.

Cost? Exact costs are unknown at this point.
1. Set up costs: Mixing Board /computer /software/ boom mic/misc equipment $ 3,000?  Equipment might already
                   be "in- house"
  No textbook needed.  Mr. Cap would develop lesson plans to fit the VCS Speech curriculum requirements and broadcast production schedule.
2.  Staff development ?  
Future - Expansion

Produce a weekly VCS Coaches Show
Produce video clips of students sharing testimonies to view during chapels.

Live stream VCS High School chapel services.  This would make possible another point of contact with people (moms and dads, potential VCS students) not on campus. In a few years nearly everyone will have a cell phone with internet connection.  The possibility of a businessman father or mother being able to see or hear a "One Heart" VCS chapel service or football game.

Victory Radio: 24 / 7 Broadcast of  VCC / VCS ministries, music, sports, and special events.