Framing Your Class With the Word
Dr. Demuth
Leaders, you have an unprecedented opportunity to see lives transformed by Jesus Christ!
Do you have a burning desire in your heart to see others around you transformed by Jesus Christ in the same way He has transformed your own life? Then, you are a Leader! I want to encourage you, because that desire is from the Lord! If you read the Book of Acts, you will notice that the Word of God kept spreading as the Holy Spirit transformed the lives of those who surrendered to Jesus Christ [Acts 6:7, 12:24, 19:20].

'Make the most of the opportunity' with Quiet Time Ministries Resources! [Col 4:5]
  • All Quiet Time Ministries Resources are designed to be used by any size 'group,' from an Individual to Large Organizations.
  • The 'books of quiet times,' '30 day journeys,' 'quiet time retreats,' and even 'breakfast with the Lord retreats' are fully complete! For you, or your group, all you need is your Bible and one of these series for a rich experience with the Lord! All 'quiet times' are based on The P.R.A.Y.E.R.™ Quiet Time Plan™. If you would like to know more, please explore this link, What is a Quiet Time?, on our main website! Devotional disciplines include devotional reading, Bible study, hymns and worship, meditation, word studies, journaling, prayers, and application of God's word to your life.
  • All Quiet Time Ministries Resources offer companion multimedia such as videoDVD, AudioCD, Downloadable MP3, and/or VideoCD messages, providing an exciting individual or group experience!

    How Do I Start A Quiet Time Ministries Study?
    • Make a list of family and friends you would like to invite to the study.
    • Prepare to lead the discussion yourself, or ask someone you know who loves to lead Bible study discussions.
    • Find a location for your study. You may choose to have it in your home or at your church.
    • Determine the schedule for class each week. You may choose to have a discussion with fellowship afterwards, or have a 45 minute discussion, a break, and then a message based on the material studied that week. Catherine Martin can be at your study and present the message - live on DVD or AUDIO-CD for the 'book of quiet times' or '30 day journeys.'! If you do a Quiet Time Retreat, she's there on VIDEO-CD!
    • Determine the time frame for your study. You may want to have an Introductory Class in addition to the weeks of study in your 'book of quiet times' or '30 day journey.' Some classes desire more time for personal study and discussion, and may choose to allow two weeks for each week of study.
    • Once you know how many have signed up, you may place your order for the books and audiovisual resources online, or by calling our offices at 1-800-925-6458.