Job Well Done, Finish Strong
Pastor Bruce

Job Well Done, Finish Strong

Imagine climbing a mountain and getting half way up and saying to yourself,

“You know what, I’m going to climb back down and finish this later.”

  Sounds silly, but that is what we do all of the time.  We have projects that sit waiting to be completed.  Some people start college but never graduate.  We have books that we never finish reading.  The list goes on and on.  Many people are great at beginning things but can’t seem to finish strong.

You may not realize it, but not being a strong finisher in life can limit your ability to conquer the goals that you have.  Whenever we procrastinate, delay, or put to the side, the things that will help us accomplish our goals, we stunt our potential.

Not only does not finishing cause our lives to stall, we make it harder on ourselves whenever we do decide to start again.  Consider this; every time I begin a new exercise program my muscles are sore for a few days.  After a few weeks of routine, the muscles get accustomed to the program and grow stronger.  Thus, no more sore muscles.  Well, when I take some time off, I dread starting again because I know that my muscles are going to be sore again.

That is just one example of why learning to finish strong is so important.  Strong finishers have learned how to remove distractions, conquer procrastination and focus on getting the best result from anything that they start.