The Vision Reaffirmed!!
Dr. Demuth

VCS Insights 1  VCS Insights  Volume 2, Issue 9 December 2009
Our Vision Reaffirmed!   Dr. Dennis Demuth   Superintendent
We are about fulfillment of the Vision God gave Pastor. Pastor wrote, “God is calling churches across America to build Christian schools. There is a price to pay, but
the reward will be worth it. The next generation can be different if the people of God today will heed the voice of the Spirit.
“The vision of Victory Christian School is to provide a place to train, prepare, and equip young people to take the ministry of Jesus to the ends of the earth, whether it be as a preacher, pastor, evangelist, prophet, apostle, teacher, or as a nurse, technician, educator, or
businessperson. “In an environment of quality academics and strong
discipline, students will be trained to witness their faith, to share Jesus effectively with others, and to minister love to hurting people. They will be taught to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, to minister the healing power of God, to minister deliverance to those that are bound by
devils, and be trained to walk in standards of holiness. We realize the solemn responsibility under God to carry out this vision. We look for parents and students who
are in agreement with us, for without that, our vision cannot be fulfilled.”
Goal Statement
In an attempt to communicate the vision is a simple statement, Pastor penned this statement. “The vision of Victory Christian School is to train students to live by the Word of God, be led by the Spirit of God, and to reach out to others with the Love of God. In carrying out this goal statement, there are seven distinct emphases that Victory offers its families that
reflect what Victory Christian School is all about. 1) Victory is a Charismatic Christian School.
Victory does not back off from the Acts 2:4 experience. We believe in the Baptism of the Holy
Spirit evidenced by speaking in tongues. We do not force this on our students, but all of our students will be provided an opportunity to receive this gift and to
walk in its fullness.
2) Victory is a Word of Faith school. Victory believes in and acts upon the uncompromised Word of God.
3) Victory is a Holy Spirit Led school. Victory is a school that is willing to let the Holy Spirit out of the lunch box.
4) Victory is a Gifts of the Spirit school. Victory is a place where not only is the fruit of the Spirit evident, but the gifts of the Spirit are in operation.
5). Victory is a Laying Hands on the Sick school and expecting God to perform miracles is a
way of life at Victory.
6) Victory is an Authority of the Believer school. Victory is about training students to live
above the pressures of the world, not to be conformed to this worlds system, and to take
authority over the works of darkness. This training is evident at all grade levels.
7) Victory is a Reaching out to Others school. Victory has a strong “go ye” emphasis. Short
term mission’s trips are a vital aspect of student life as well as reaching out to others with the love of God.
Given these seven factors, it is interesting that Victory is able to attract families from 168 different congregations and that thirty senior pastors have their children at Victory.