Power School Update
Bruce Atteberry
New Features
This section discusses the enhancements added to the release of PowerTeacher gradebook 1.5.
Introducing PowerTeacher Gradebook 1.5
Power Teacher 1.5 introduces over 30 key features and usability enhancements suggested by teachers and administrators. It includes critical items needed for schools to use PowerTeacher district-wide, along with a new easy-access final grade entry area.
PowerTeacher 1.5 also introduces a new application, PowerTeacher Administrator, which is the foundation for providing content and other items directly to gradebook users.
Several enhancements have been made in PowerTeacher gradebook 1.5. These enhancements include:
• Editable grade scales
• Spell check added to all comment and description fields
• Student Groups filter update
• Mass Fill scores update
• Importing/exporting scores
• Detail panel displays report card items
• Assignment category totals on the final grade scoresheet
• Category filter moved to left pane on application window
• Citizenship grade entry in PowerTeacher gradebook
For more information on all of the enhancements in this release, see What’s New in PowerTeacher Gradebook 1.5 on PowerSource.
Note: A security enhancement may cause database lockout when restoring the database on a test server. For more information, see the Oracle Database Backup and Restore Guide
PowerTeacher Administrator
Included in this release is a beta version of PowerTeacher Administrator, a new application for distributing content to teachers, and managing other PowerTeacher gradebook features.
This version provides some core features, and is a foundation for future functionality. For more information, see the Beta PowerTeacher Administrator User Guide on PowerSource.