Staff Development Activity Request
Barbara Johnson

Staff Development

Staff Development Activity Request

Title: CPR Overview

Description of Activity: The purpose of this course is to give an overview to lay responders in performing basic-level Red Cross CPR and Choking.


Personnel to receive training: Teaching, support staff & coaches

Amount of release time during school day: 45 minutes

Specific training objectives:

Instruction on how to give CPR to an adult

When to call 911.

Review the signs of choking and how to help the victim.

All students receive hands-on instruction and practice.

Date(s):    10/23/09             Start Time: 1:15 PM             End Time: 2:00 PM

Place of Training

Victory Christian School Chapel

Staff Responsible

B. Johnson, RN

Training Individual (Agency)

American Red Cross

Resources Needed

Presenter will bring necessary equipment.



Outcomes expected

Demonstrate the proper hand placement and compressions on a manikin

Explain the usage and principles of the automated defibrillator

Relieving foreign body airway obstruction

List the “FAST” procedures to test for possible stroke

Estimated Costs


Sources of Funds





Unit/Department Leader: