Staying the Course
Dr. Demuth


VCS Insights
Volume 2, Issue 4                                                                                                                              OCT 2009

Staying on Course
Dr. Dennis Demuth
It has been very interesting to hear how people are dealing with the financial storm that our nation is facing. Prices continue to rise, markets close down one day and then up the next.  So what can we do to weather the financial storm? Invest in Bonds? Seek guaranteed Interest funds? Keep an eye on the long-term picture more so than the daily fluctuations. How about investing in gold? After all, for centuries, buying gold has been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve one's wealth and purchasing power.  Someone once said, “A sailor can’t be a good sailor unless he passes through the storms.”
Trials of Your Faith
Peter likens the "trials of your faith" (I Peter 1:7) to being more precious than gold. In relating this to educators, the "trials of your faith" literally mean problems, challenges, adverse circumstances, pressures, and we might add, financial storms.
No one on this earth is perfectly safe and perfectly immune from all of the different kinds of storm clouds that can come our way in this life. Just as some feel that gold is a way to avoid losses, it is our faith in the power of God to take us through these storms that helps us overcome future trials.
Don’t Deviate from the Course
Most of the trials Satan brings have the full intent to get us off the divine course. It is important that during the trials we face that we do not deviate from the course that God has directed. Throughout this year there may be words spoken and actions taken by parents and students that would appear, in the natural, to lead one to conclude that things aren't going well. When this happens, we must be aware of the pressure that follows for it creates a tendency to compromise and a tendency to lean towards the natural more than to put total trust in what the Word of God says.

When we face these storms, trials and tests we need to speak faith filled words; to grab hold of all that is right and to speak with confidence using God’s Word. When

everything is going "our way," it's easy to speak positively; but when a challenge situation comes along, then we really find out what is in our heart and if our words are in line with the Word of God.
Responding to Pressure and Bondage
Who is the author of pressure and bondage? It is not the curriculum. It is not the daily schedule. It is not the staff. It is not the lack of one thing or the other. It is the devil or ourselves.
Have you ever wondered why there are times when we feel under pressure and bondage? Dr. Kenneth Hagin shared that God doesn't have to put pressure or bondage on us to see how we will respond under certain situations, for He already knows our heart and how we will respond.
The devil does not know this about us so he has to bring the challenges, problems and pressures our way to see how we will respond. It is not until we act or speak that he finds out what is in our heart.
If we will resist the devil (pressure and bondage) he (it) will flee. Resist with the Word of God and faith‑filled words. We cannot afford to harbor any resentment, bitterness, ill‑will, and discontentment towards any student, staff, parent or any aspect of the school program because it will rob us of our ability to release faith. In fact, these things provide an opportunity to steal faith away from others.
Consider the Following Actions

YOU must set a guard over your lips and thoughts. YOU are the testimony that God's Word works.
YOU are more than a conqueror through Him.
YOU are far from oppression.
NO weapon formed against you will prosper.
YOU are established in righteousness.
YOU are delivered from the hand of the enemy.
YOU are an example in word and deed.
YOU will not bow your knees to circumstances.
YOU make the devil flee.
YOU place the devil under your feet.
YOUR mind is in perfect peace.
YOU are obedient in all things.
YOU are free from poverty, sickness or sin.
YOU reign as kings in this life.