A Year of Evidence: Part 5
Dr. Dennis Demuth

A Year of Evidence: Part 5
Dr. Dennis Demuth      Superintendent
This is to be a year of evidence
Another item of evidence students look is whether or not their teachers really love them. Although quality academic programs, athletics, fine arts and spiritual focus are important aspects of Victory Christian School, what do students remember the most about Victory? It is their teachers and coaches.
Remember Your School Days
All of us remember our school days – the best teacher we have had, striking characteristics of various teachers and memorable classroom events. For example, I’m certain that the students in Miss Ritchey’s biology class will forever be talking about the day an ostrich egg exploded in her class while the principal was watching her class and the high school had to be evacuated from the building due to the obnoxious smell. How about the day the white mice got out of their cage in Mrs. Rountree’s science class, and she climbed on top of her desk and all the girls were standing on top of their chairs as the boys chased the mice around the room trying to catch them.
Alumni Reflections
It is interesting talking to alumni when they visit the school after being gone for a number of years and listening as they ask about certain teachers. As I reflect upon whom alumni ask about, it is interesting that they usually ask about those teachers who had demonstrated a high level of competency and professionalism; but more importantly, those with a caring persona, those that met not only the intellectual needs of the students but demonstrated an understanding of their feelings and attitudes. Not only did these teachers present their curriculum in an interesting way, but they were able to touch the lives of the students, and express a genuine concern for their success.
Love Never Fails
When students at Victory were asked, “what is it about teachers at Victory that is different than other teachers you have had?” The overwhelming response was “teachers at Victory love their students.” Love was demonstrated through a number of actions.
1.  Getting homework graded and back to students.
2.  Praying for them.
3.  Treating them with courtesy and understanding.
4.  Giving them an opportunity to express themselves.
5.  Being fair and consistent with everyone – not showing favoritism.
6   Pointing them to the Word of God for authority rather than expressing their own opinion.
7.  Being willing to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” and then following through.
8.  Not expecting everyone to learn the same way.
9.  Being interested in their lives outside of academics - sports, friends, family, pets, and activities.
10.  Taking the time in getting to know their students.
Jesus is our Example
Students are looking for the same evidence from teachers as the multitudes looked for in Jesus. This evidence is found in John 2: 24, 25, “…He knew all men…He knew what was in man.” He dealt with individuals according to their need – Nicodemus, the woman at the well, the rich young ruler. Jesus was willing to be transparent with those He encountered; He was a good listener. In so being He was able to give sound advice, to speak words of life, and to indentify with the problem they were facing. The people felt that they had found a true friend. The heart of Jesus touched the hearts of the people. The hearts of our teachers need to touch the hearts of our students.