Bible Integration
BJU Staff

Levels of Bible Integration

(Based on concepts developed by the Bible Integration Committee of the BJU Press)

Level 0 – Mentioning the Bible

Examples: Opening with prayer and/or a brief devotional, handling classroom management, discipline, etc., in a Christlike manner, testimonial comments about a teacher's personal Christian walk.

Comments: The level is instinctive with a Christian teacher and is part of being a Christian university, but it does not involve any relationship between Bible truth and the content of a particular course. Level 0 should be present in all science classes at BJU.

Level 1 – Referencing the Bible

Examples: Using facets of science as analogies to Biblical truth, or finding examples of your discipline in the Bible.

Comments: The Bible itself contains examples (“Go to the ant,” Proverbs 6:6; “Ye can discern the face of the sky,” Matt 16:3). This level of integration should only be done where the analogy is legitimate and the examples are appropriate. Each course should be analyzed for places where Level 1 integration is appropriate.

Level 2 – Responding with the Bible

Examples: Evolution, abortion, genetic engineering, and use of technology to make war are examples of issues that come up in science and engineering classes where the Bible directly addresses the issue at hand.

Comments: Level 2 issues are common in some courses and rare in others. When they occur, it is crucial that the teacher integrate a Biblical response into the course.

Level 3 – Rebuilding with the Bible

Examples: Flood geology, or engineering as a service and worship to God.

Comments: Although the basic factual content of a discipline may be shared by a Christian and a non-Christian, the Christian worldview so permeates life that a Christian has an entirely different outlook on even the most mundane aspects of his career. In some fields, like Geology, such rebuilding results in a reworking of the entire discipline. Whitcomb and Morris' book The Genesis Flood illustrates this rebuilding in action. In other fields like Engineering, nearly identical work may be done but with completely different values and purposes in mind, leading in some cases to dramatically different choices. Every science student at BJU needs some intensive Level 3 integration at some point in his academic career. This is essential in teaching him to think like a believing scientist, not merely to think like a scientist.