The Vision Revisited Part 2
Dr. Dennis Demuth

The Vision Revisited: Part 2
Dr. Dennis Demuth
Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”
This is part 2 of the Vision of Victory Christian School as presented by Pastor, Billy Joe Daugherty when the school was founded in 1979. In Part 1 Pastor shared that Victory was not just an alternative to a public school, but in order for the vision that God gave him concerning Victory Christian School to be fulfilled, it required those involved with the school to be in agreement with the vision – teachers, administrators, students and parents.
Biblical Truth
“We believe the whole Bible. By that I mean we’re evangelical. We believe that you're born again through faith in Jesus Christ, that the blood of Jesus is the only thing that can pay for the sins of the world. We’re fundamental in our beliefs. The basic tenet of Bible truth is that the Bible is inspired, that God is a God of three persons – the Trinity, where the Holy Spirit is a real person, and that Jesus is coming again; all the basic tenets of truth accepted by fundamental churches, we believe.
“We go on to believe that the gifts of the Spirit are for today, the gifts of healing, the working of miracles, the gift of faith, tongues, interpretation of tongues and prophecy, the word of wisdom, word of knowledge and discerning of spirits – the gifts of the Spirit listed in Corinthians, we believe therefore today. We also believe in the healing power of God, that God is the God of miracles and that young people can be taught to pray for miracles and expect them and in that sense we’re charismatic people. It's important for you to know what we believe and where we’re coming from.
“God has shown us some things in the Bible
concerning worship and praise and how that the Bible instructs us to sing and to shout and to rejoice and to clap our hands and to lift our hands and to worship God, not only with our language that we know, but also the language of the Spirit, singing in the Spirit. We’ll be sharing these things with your students.”
Influences upon Young People
“There are five primary influences that influence a young person. Number one is the home. The Vision may not come in the same order for every young person but I'm going to list them – the home, the church, the school, the media, and friends.
“Agreement between you and us can bring harmony in all five areas, and that's why I'm making this tape, so that you can understand our vision and pray about it and I believe the Holy Spirit will give you a witness to be with us and to come into agreement. You see, if you get in agreement with us, were going to be saying something here at the school. If you get into agreement with us, then at home things will be right.
“Concerning the church, we trust that the influence of the church will be right. Then we trust you will guard the influence of the media, magazines and television and the radio, and music; that you will guard these and make sure what's going inside of your children through the avenues of the media are productive and positive and that you will guard the friends that influence your children. We know that good friends can have a positive influence. We know that bad friends can corrupt a life, and if we can get you in agreement and we can be in agreement with you, these five influences can all be saying the same thing. We really need your help. That's what I'm asking for.
Financial Investment
“Our investment is tremendous. I know that it costs a lot of money as you think about sending your child to school. We pay our teachers a good salary. They're not asked to come and to sacrifice when they come here. That is one reason we have been able to get good people. We don't have a shoddy building. We have a quality place for the children to come and learn. It’s second to none; it's as good as any other place that they might go. They have access to good things, but all of this costs money. The church will underwrite the school just as much as the parents together combined will underwrite the training. In other words what you give and what the other parents pay will basically pay for the teacher salaries. Our church would be involved in renting our facility and in paying the insurance and paying the maintenance and all the utilities. That's a tremendous investment for us to make, and therefore, for us to make that investment, we’re looking for agreement by the people who will hook up with us so that our investment is not lost, and it’s the same way on your part. It's not worth it to spend that much money if you're not in agreement or if the vision is not in your heart. So I'm asking for specifically five different areas of agreement that you might come to grips with, basically agreeing that all that I've shared with you about the vision, but then in your own life.”
Commitments to go to Church
”In your life there are some commitments that we ask for. First of all is that you would be regular in church attendance and that you would insure that your children are involved in attending church. We'll be talking about it every week, and really, if I had my way, I would have all the students and parents and families of Victory Christian School attend Victory Christian Center. I'll tell you the reason why this is, and this is the thing that I think should help you in the church that you attend. We’re going to be teaching these young people the things that I've talked with you about – five days a week; we’re going to be talking to them about the healing power of God, about deliverance, and about the gifts of the Spirit. If they are taken to a church on Sunday that does not believe in these things, but rejects them or minimizes them then there will be confusion in those students. There will not be an agreement between the church and the school, and they'll wonder, “What's right? Is the school right, or is the church right, or is my home right?"
“It's important for you to be in agreement with us, and if you don't feel called to come to our church at this
time, find a church that does agree with the things that we've talked about and be faithful in attendance at that church.”
Agreement on Tithing
“Secondly, be a tither. Were going to be teaching your children about the giving of their money to God; if parents are not tithers, it will be hypocrisy before them as they hear what the Bible says and yet, their own family is not involved in tithing. I believe that a key to you making it financially is having the blessings of God on your finances. Without tithing, without giving to God, that blessing can not come, so I'm encouraging you to be a tither.”
Daily Devotions
“Thirdly, you should have daily devotionals with your children. The Bible says that the primary responsibility of raising children is in the hands of the fathers. In other words, it's something to be done at home. You may be a single parent, a mother, and so the responsibility is left in your hands. We do not feel that we have the primary responsibility of training your children spiritually, although in many cases, it happens that way, but Biblically it shouldn't be. It's to be in the hands of the parents. We’re to be assisting. For you to make this kind of investment in sending your child to school and not spend the time with them personally is inconsistent. We will be talking to the children about their devotional time and their time with the family praying. So we're asking you to do that.”
Assisting with Homework
"Then fourthly, we need you to assist your children with their homework. I tell you, Victory Christian School is tough. It will get kids ready for a tough world, and they're going to need help. The teachers are going to need your support.
“We’re going to measure your assistance, whether parents don't feel to be involved in what's going on. If not, we need to reconsider the involvement of students in the school, because this is not just our job. This is a cooperative effort; we need you helping the kids with their homework.”