The Vision Revisited Part 3
Dr. Dennis Demuth

The Vision Revisited: Part 3
Dr. Dennis Demuth
Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”
This is part 3 of the Vision of Victory Christian School as presented by Pastor, Billy Joe Daugherty when the school was founded. In Part 2, Pastor explained the Biblical truth that Victory stands for and the financial investment that Victory Christian Center has made to the school. He also asked parents to pay attention to the five major influences in the life of young people; the home, the church, the media, their friends, and the school. Furthermore, he asked parents to be committed to attending church, to be regular in their tithing, to have a time of daily family devotions and to help their children with homework. His focus then turns to the importance of upholding the standards of the school.
Uphold Standards
"Then lastly, to uphold the standards that are set by the school. Standards will be given to the young people, and let me say this. You know, I've made mistakes. I'm sure you have. A lot of our kids in the past have made mistakes, and we are a school that ministers the grace and mercy of God, and we don't try to legalistically judge people and put them down, but without standards of holiness and godliness, our school would crumble. There would be no reason for being, and so we set those standards, and will work to maintain them. We'll help kids that have trouble with it, but those standards will be upheld, and if they can't uphold them, then they'll be asked to leave; an important thing must take place and that is that you would exemplify the same standards at home that we’re asking the kids to live up to at school.
“Let me share some of them with you. We’re asking for honesty. There will be no lying and cheating in the classroom. We’re asking for that from you at home. Secondly, purity; that there should be holiness and we’re asking the kids that they not be involved in immorality. We’re asking the same thing from you.
"We will be setting standards of holiness that they won't smoke or drink or be involved in the illegal use of drugs. We’re asking the same thing of you at home. If we tell them not to smoke here, and they go home and in their environment, there is smoking there is a double standard. It is important that there is agreement with the standards that we set right here, in the school.
"It's an absolute necessity for us to have your agreement. We want to raise, train, and develop young people to be warriors for God. Our intent is to train soldiers to be part of an army, but there is a necessity of your commitment. We want to have your children. It's important for you to make that commitment. Without your commitment, it just won't be able to work.”
Pull Together
"There are really three reasons, I'll wrap up with, of why your commitment to agree with this vision is important. Number one – if we pull together, it will work, but if you're not in agreement with the vision, we here at the school and I as pastor, we know from the start, we are battling forces of the five things that influence children.
"We know we've got one going one way, and four going the other way, if you're not in agreement. In other words, if you're not in agreement with it, we know we’re taking the children one way, but the home, the church, the media, and their friends are probably going another way, and we know that we have lost before we have even started. So that's one reason why it's important to us. We know what we’re up against and how important it is to have total agreement in these five influences on young people's lives."
Others Deserve Your Agreement
”Then secondly, other students and parents deserve your agreement. Parents are bringing their children to our school expecting this vision to be fulfilled in their lives. They have paid their money anticipating this. If your children are not in agreement with it, then they create a negative force in the school. They're opposing the vision. They are resisting what is going on in the classroom, and therefore, other children are hindered in their growth and in their development, and that's not right to rob someone else of the money that they've invested. I know young people that have left Christian schools because there were negative influences by other children who didn't agree with the vision, and they cause others to be hindered."
Our Vision is Important
"Then thirdly, our vision is too important. The bottom line of it all is there's a hurting world. There are over 2 billion people who have never heard the Gospel. You may say, “How could such a small school touch that many people?” Well, maybe we can’t reach them all, but we’re called to do our part. We can't worry about what others must do. We must just do what God has told us to do, and without your agreement, then our vision cannot be fulfilled and if we don't fulfill our purpose, our vision, our reason for being, then we don't have any reason to exist. We should close the school.
“We've really gone through a re-evaluation of our school and asked ourselves this question: What is our vision? What is our purpose? What is our reason for being? And therefore if we’re not going to fulfill it, then let's stop it. And so we've come back and we've said, hey, we've got to let people know what our vision is, what our purpose is, and put it before the people and challenge them and I'm challenging you today.
“I know perhaps that there are some who hear this and it may occur to them that there is a different vision you have in your heart for your children. We understand, and so do our teachers and administrators. But I feel that most of you, as you listen to this, you're going to say, yeah, I agree with that. I'm glad, because you wanted it. You desired it. And you want to hook up
with the vision, and I guarantee you, when we get our entire faculty, all of our students, all of our parents going one direction, you’d better look out. It will be the most awesome school there's been in history, because it will literally change thousands and thousands of lives.
“I thank you for listening. I pray the Holy Spirit will minister strength for you and wisdom as you make your choice and decision concerning Victory Christian School.
"I pray for you now in Jesus name, Lord, you will give wisdom and insight, you will give help and strength to know exactly what you're saying to do; in Jesus name I pray. Amen.”
Message to Graduates
Victory Christian School first opened it doors in September 1979 to this vision. As of today, over 11,000 students have attended Victory Christian School. Of these, nearly 3000 graduates have been trained as part of the “end-times” army of the Lord.
Each year pastor's message to the graduates is as follows:
God raised up Victory Christian School to prepare young men and women for His purposes in the Earth. VCS helped to train you to live by the Word of God, to be led by the Spirit of God, and to reach out to others with the love of God. Your time has come to step into a larger arena of life. We pray you walk in the light of God's Word as you hear and obey His voice. You are destined to make an impact for God everywhere you go. May His grace be with you.
In His Service, Billy Joe Daugherty Pastor