VCS a School of Faith
Dr Demuth


VCS a School of Faith

Dr. Dennis Demuth                         Superintendent

VCS a School of Faith
Dr. Dennis Demuth
When Victory Christian School was founded by Pastors Sharon and Billy Joe Daugherty it was to be a school of faith. As staff we need to demonstrate to our students the importance of faith.
According to Heb. 11:6, without faith it is impossible to please God. Likewise, for a Christian school to be pleasing to the Lord, it must be a school with faith. The opposite of a school of faith is a school of doubt and unbelief.
What is Faith?
If you have been at Victory for any period of time, you know what faith is. Heb. 11:1 says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” It is not the “things hoped for” that must be our focus for our students and ourselves; rather, it is “the substance of things” hoped for. When we hear someone say, “It sure would be nice if Johnny was able to control his temper,” we are hearing a plea of “hope,” not faith. It is a statement where hope becomes nothing more than wishful thinking. Instead of “hoping and praying” that he will get control of his temper. We should be praying and believing. We must step beyond hope to faith; that is, we believe that Johnny is able to control his temper according to the Word of God. What is the substance, or the physical reality, that we can latch onto so that we can release our faith to see change in Johnny’s life? The substance is the unchangeable Word of God. As we add the substance of the Word of God, what we are speaking takes on a reality.

It was the substance of the Word of God that led Noah to prepare the ark, Abraham to receive the inheritance, Sarah to give birth, Moses to pass through the Red Sea on dry land, the walls of Jericho to fall and Mary to

Release your Faith
One of Pastor, Billy Joe Daugherty’s favorite sayings was “Let’s release our faith.” We know that Romans 10:17 says that Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. What is it that comes? It is words. What words? The words contained in the Word of God. How does one release his or her faith? We release our faith, by releasing the spoken Word of God. We release our faith for academics, behavioral and spiritual growth by speaking the Word of God.  It is the Word that becomes the substance of the change we hope for.
For example, rather than saying, “Maybe, when Johnny gets to Mr. Olinske’s class, he will learn math,” we declare what the Word of God says: “According to 1 John 2:20‑27, the Spirit of God is facilitating my teaching and making learning of math happen for Johnny.” We could state, “As I present my lesson, the Spirit of God is teaching Johnny, according to John 14:26” or “What appears to be hidden math concepts for Johnny is being revealed, as proclaimed in Col. 1:27.” Furthermore, “The Spirit is quickening Johnny’s understanding of what is being presented, according to Cor. 2:9‑15 and Isa. 11:3.”
Part of the success of the Regeneration program is getting students to bring the substance of the Word of God to their academic challenges.
As we look at re-enrollment, we need to speak the substance of increase according to God’s Word, rather than, “Well, maybe next year we might have 1200 students.”
How do we maintain a school of faith? We do this by speaking forth the substance contained in the uncompromised Word of God throughout the school. It requires us to lay hold of the 7,000 promises contained in the Word of God on behalf of our staff, students and parents.