VCS Professional Development Guidelines
Dr Demuth


Professional Development Guidelines

Professional Development Guidelines


Victory Christian School values professional development for its faculty, and is committed to providing systematic professional development for beginning and practicing teachers. The specific focus for the professional development program will be determined by the results of the long-range planning process or identified student needs relating to performance. The administrator will support the Professional Development Committee (PDC), and Victory Christian School will provide a professional development plan for beginning teachers, and will provide in-service opportunities for all practicing teachers. Guidelines will be provided by Victory Christian School for both beginning and practicing teachers to assist them in creating and maintaining a “Professional Development Portfolio.”

In accordance with International Christian Accrediting Association (ICAA) standards for accreditation all teachers must meet minimum yearly requirements in regard to their professional development.

To maintain accreditation at the Exemplary level:

1.   Each teacher must accrue a minimum of 35 hours of professional development per school year. The school year begins in August and finishes in July of the following year. For example, the 2009-2010 school year began on August 1, 2009 and is completed on July 31, 2010.
2.   Each teacher is required to maintain a professional development portfolio containing but not limited to the following:

A. Professional development log to be provided by VCS for recording hours
B. Copies of all certificates of completion of any program recognized as professional development by VCS
C. Copies of covers of books with paragraph summaries of those books read by the teacher as professional development
D. Copies of transcripts for college courses recognized as Professional development by VCS
E. Other documentation as required in the Professional Development Guidelines attached to this document.

3.   Teachers will need to provide a three ring binder to maintain their professional development portfolio. The recommended size for a binder is a 2” binder to enable the teacher to maintain all necessary documentation for accrual of points.
4.   The binders need to be divided into sections by school year.
5.   Each teacher is required to submit their portfolio to his or her respective administrator when completing the Check Out procedure at the end of the school year.
6.   The professional development log sheet should be placed first in each school year section. The supporting documents will go behind the log sheet as supporting documents.
7.   Any activities the teacher desires to use to meet professional development, other than a Victory Christian School sponsored professional development activity, need to be pre-approved by the appropriate division administrator.
8.   The ICAA also requires all teachers to attend a regional ICAA conference at least once every five years.
9.   There may be other required categories of professional development for different grade levels. For example, state law requires autism training for PreK-grade 3 once every three years.
10.  The “beginning” date of the portfolio will be the current school year.

Incentive for Maintaining Notebook: Each division administrator will select one teacher per school division to receive a “Portfolio of the Year” award. The selected teacher will receive a reward of one day off for the next year, much like the day off awarded to the “Teacher of the Year.” The division administrator will set the criteria for the award.

The state of Oklahoma has passed a law recently in regard to the teacher’s professional development. The Oklahoma State Law 70-6-194 effective in July 2009 states that failure of any teacher to meet professional development requirements may be grounds for nonrenewal of such teacher’s contract by the board. Such failure may also be grounds for nonconsideration of salary increments affecting the teacher.