New Year Resolutions
Dr. Demuth

New Year Resolutions
Dr. Dennis Demuth
Most people, when they think of the new calendar year, think of New Year resolutions. Educators are blessed to have two starts each year – the start of the new school year in the fall and the start of a new calendar year; both provide oppor-tunities to plan fresh and exciting things. In fact, January offers three opportunities for a new start – a new calendar year, a new quarter and a new semester.
Resolutions for Teachers
I recently saw a cartoon where the question was being asked, “What exactly is a New Year resolu-tion?” The response was, “It’s a ‘To Do’ list for the first week in January!”
Consider the following resolutions offered by teachers on the Internet:
1. I resolve to become organized enough to be able to find whatever I need whenever I need it.
2. I resolve to get all papers graded within two days of when the assignment is turned in.
3. I resolve to see each student not as they are, but as they can be.
4. I resolve to remember that it’s not person-al. It’s a job.
5. I resolve to not judge someone until I’ve walked in their shoes.
6. I resolve to stay positive.
7. I resolve to never hold a grudge against a student. Each day is a new beginning.
8. I resolve to spice up my classroom rou-tine.
9. I resolve to give individual time and atten-
tion to each student.
10. I resolve to set goals and to avoid the au-topilot mode.
How nice would it be if someone would create a list of 100 or so possible resolutions for teachers and then allow teachers to simply check the ones they want to make, along with recipes for the suc-cess of each? And of course, don’t forget a list for students and their parents.
Suggestions from Paul
In addressing the church at Colosse, Paul offers some resolutions (Col. 1:10, AMP). These four resolutions, as they are applied during the new calendar year, new semester and new quarter, will help us finish this academic year strong and to keep our spiritual focus:
1. I resolve to walk (live and conduct your-selves) in a manner worthy of the Lord.
2. I resolve to be fully pleasing to Him and desiring to please Him in all things.
3. I resolve to bear fruit in every good work.
4. I resolve to be steadily growing and in-creasing in and by the knowledge of God [with fuller, deeper, and clearer insight, ac-quaintance, and recognition.
The Power of the Holy Spirit
Making resolutions is the easy part; ensuring that they are followed is the most difficult. As Chris-tian educators not only do we have to guard against the stresses and pressures of life that would get us off course in fulfilling these resolu-tions, but the devil, himself, actively launches at-tacks against us. Through the power of the Holy Spirit working inside of us, we can overcome all of these.