From: Al Cap, Cooperating Teacher
             Victory Christian School
             Secondary Social Studies Teacher

   To:   To Whom It May Concern:

   Re:   Rachel Longe's Letter of Recommendation


   Rachel Longe was assigned to me as a teacher candidate to complete her student teaching requirements.  In the spring of 2011 Rachel and I worked together for 8 weeks as she honed her teaching skills.  She was punctual and followed the school's check-in/check-out procedures and attended parent teacher conferences as well as extracurricular activities after school.

  The first week she observed the cooperating teacher, and began to help supervise and monitor classroom activities.  As the weeks progressed, Rachel increased her responsibilities and eventually during weeks 6 and 7 she had assumed all teaching duties.

   Rachel was involved in curriculum decisions, lesson objectives, and planning each lesson.  With the use of an LCD projector Rachel was able to flash the notes, pictures, and maps on the screen for the class to see. As the students were taking notes, Rachel, was able to lecture, observe, and guided practice. She was able use a variety of assessment techniques, recorded grades in Power School and reported to parents.

   Rachel was particularly good at introducing and closing lessons.  She was able to handle all discipline cases that arose and used various preventative discipline strategies within the guidelines of classroom rules and school policy. 

  I recommend Rachel for a full time social studies teaching position.  I feel confident she will work very hard to complete her teaching duties and responsibilities and create an atmosphere of learning for the students she teaches.


   Thank You,


   Al Cap